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Executive Director/Founder

Elliott comes from a bi-cultural, biracial background--with his father's line coming from Hispano ancestry in what is now New Mexico and his mother's people coming, originally, from the Mayflower.  This internal crossroads of diversity and power was one of the sparks for his passion for his work at an early age.  His father also led multiracial, multicultural work in the 40’s across the Southwest (Elliott only recently learned this!)

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“Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread and deepseated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.”                                  

                                                                ~Shirley Chisolm

Elliott began his teaching career on the Navajo reservation in special education. He directed a school district transition program serving students with disabilities for 8 years and went on to direct the Human Rights Office for the City of Fort Collins where he led the Youth and Family Services committee for the Lambda Center in Fort Collins. He taught social justice classes at Naropa University for 6 years, and worked as a school principal both at a predominantly Latino elementary school, and at a progressive, experiential middle school. He founded The Sum in 2006 (www.thesum.org).



After James Fields drove his car into a crowd in Charlottesville VA, killing Heather Heyer and injuring 40 others, Elliott moved to Charlottesville, in a camper. Here he has started The Sum Study Center, to support people's learning and empowerment across the full political spectrum (Alt-right to Antifa). He partners with the Heather Heyer Foundation to create a youth program called Heyer Voices (www.heyervoices.org) Elliott founded an intentional community that represents a cross-racial, multicultural, interfaith and queer collaboration called Araminta Village. And he has established a faith community, and faith community model based on the "sacredness of welcome to all" called The Welcome Circle. He is currently writing a book entitled “Sex and Social Justice: Lost and Found at the Crossroads.”



Joshua S. Lee is a mental health professional and executive life coach.  Licensed in the state of Maryland with more than 19 years of experience providing services to public schools, churches and other community-based organizations.  He is owner of UMOJA Integrative Behavioral Health Systems, LLC, a behavioral health organization, specializing in working with social entrepreneurs and other professionals to assist them to observe their world differently leading to different results.  Additionally, he has developed a powerfully effective, experiential coaching system called The Game Plan for Better Living©.  Using the language and metaphor of sports, individuals, groups and organizations are coached to use their inherent strengths and resources to overcome their “opponents” in an action-based manner.  


Joshua www.aramintavillage.org www.thewelcomecircle.org DSC_2779

He is interested primarily in the intersection between psychodrama (a form of action-based group counseling), organizational culture and ontological coaching (shifting one’s way of being by observing how one observes) meet.  For additional information, Joshua S. Lee can be reached at 443-588-5048 or joshua@thegameplan.biz  See Website: UmojaHealth.com