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Discover your pattern

Free online practice groups by pattern

Discover your pattern!

Free online practice groups by pattern:

Weekly, Online Practice

For people with the primary pattern of ONENESS

Wednesdays Noon to 1 (EST)

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 Each week we will share conversation, ideas, experiential activities, and practice designed to support the process of people in with a primary pattern of Oneness. We call our inner look at our strnegths as bridgebuilders and work on our learning edges – especially acknowledging differences; we will hold ourselves and one another accountable; we will practice vulnerability, ferocity, and giving and getting feedback.  Register below and the Zoom link will be emailed to you before the meeting. You only have to register one time as the link will be the same every week.


Note: take the Race Pattern Quiz (free on the homepage) or the Power of Difference Assessment for more information about your primary pattern(s),

Contact us with any questions, feedback, or suggestions.

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