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Tuesday, August 16th, from 12-1 EST – Sex and Social Justice (a second time is now open from 7-8 pm EST)

Tuesday, September 6, from 12-1 EST – Introduction to the Power of Difference Model (PDM) and the Assessment (PDA)

Tuesday, September 20, from 12-1 EST – Humor Across Culture

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SEX AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: These powerful areas may seem unrelated. They’re not. Through experiential activities we'll explore a history of social injustice and its connections especially to heteronormative sexuality for both women and men. We’ll look at how heroes like MLK and Gandhi were powerful advocates for social justice but had sexually dysfunctional lives. And we’ll synthesize our learning to support our ability to choose sex lives that are socially just. ************************************************************************************************************************************** THE PDM AND THE PDA: This introduction will lay out the three primary, unconscious patterns related to differences of race, culture, sexual orientation, class, religion, gender, and disability as well as an outline of how the PDA measures these dimensions. Through experiential activities you’ll come away with a sense of your previously unconscious patterns and a plan to address your primary learning edges. ************************************************************************************************************************************** HUMOR ACROSS CULTURE: What do you think is funny? How does what makes a person laugh vary with culture and other differences? We will watch several short videos, talk about cultural styles and humor, and come away with a better sense and appreciation for our own and other cultural frames on humor.