The Evolution of DEI: Professional Tools Webinar Series

Free and Online. The 3rd Tuesday of every month at Noon (EST)

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Webinar Title: Date:
Mediating Across Difference May 16
Addressing Pushback (Guest: Author Crystal Byrd Farmer) June 20
The Power of Difference Assessment July 18
DEI Positions: Outsmarting the “Set-Up” (w/ Dr. Maria Gabriel) August 15
Leading from White Privilege September 19
Supporting Internal Inquiry for Organizational Change October 17
Igniting People’s Calling Through Solidarity November 21


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One thing that makes our model unique and powerful is that it's not about blame and shame or what you "should"'s about what you love. No matter what that is, because we are all connected, when you do it from solidarity with others it lights you up more than you can imagine!