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1. People are the same no matter our race.

2. I sometimes worry about offending people when I’m with people from a different race.

3. People make up racism so they have something to complain about…it’s the victim mentality.

4. Talking about race reinforces racism.

5. I'm uncomfortable talking about racism, especially my role in it, but it is important to do.

6. We're all just people…I don't see color.

7. People of some races just aren't very motivated to succeed.

8. Focusing on race is divisive--even dangerous.

9. Race is confusing and complex…I don't always know what to think or do.

10. People should stop complaining and get over it…quit playing the race card.

11. It’s no good "preaching to the choir," you can’t get to the racist people who really need to get it.

12. Racism used to be a problem but it’s not really anymore…we've had a Black president!

13. We need to make room for all voices--even if those voices are full of hate--that's democracy.

14. The real concern is reverse racism!

15. If people were honest, they’d admit that some races are superior to others.

16. It is critical to focus on how we are all human beings and NOT our racial differences.

17. I get confused around the complexity of racism.

18. I had hard things happen to me too when I was young, I worked for everything I got, that's life, it's time to move on from this racism stuff.