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What Is The Power of Difference Assessment (PDA)?

A groundbreaking online tool that:

  • measures individual’s and group’s unconscious patterns related to race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability, class, and culture according to the Power of Difference Model (click “Model”–at the bottom of this page for more detail).
  • Asset-based and scientifically valid and reliable assessment.
  • Identifies areas of strength and specific areas for growth.
  • Can be used as a pre and post measurement, strategic plan accountability, or as a coaching tool.


  • The PDA supports people in becoming aware of how the patterns of the PDM operate within us, between us, and in our communities, organizations, and society.
  • It helps us to become aware of our primary pattern and our learning edges without blame and shame!
  • This awareness allows us to integrate the assets all three primary patterns for greater effectiveness across differences and greater clarity of purpose.

Choose a button below to get more details and a special pricing package for your field:

Standard Pricing

1.  Model Introduction:

An hour-long model introduction (online or in person) can be helpful for organizations in developing a common conceptual framework and language. Learn the patterns identified in the PDM and how they play out within individuals and in organizations. Support a consensus for learning needs and goals.

  • $300 for groups under 50
  • $550 for groups 50-100
  • $800 for groups  101 – 500
  • $1000 for groups over 500

This intro is helpful, but not necessary, before offering individual or group assessments.

2. Individual Assessment:

  • $200 per person for individual consultations
  • $150 per person for groups over 10 people

3. Group Assessment:

One way to utilize the PDA is to conduct a group assessment with a single, whole-group consultation that uses the aggregate of all the individuals scores in order to make recommendations for the organization. This can stand alone, be preceded by the PDM Intro, and/or be followed by individual consultations (according to the costs listed above). A group assessment is a great way “entry point” to begin the work and it’s the most financially accessible:

$40 per person

                      (some organizations cover the cost of individual’s consultations, subsidize the cost, or leave it to individuals to cover the cost)

Contact us to arrange a group or multiple individual PDA’s.

“As a person who is always engaged in inclusion work, whether it be in my job or in my life; sometimes we need to be reminded to take care of ourselves. This Power of Difference Assessment helped me to refocus how I give of myself. I don’t have to give myself away. I was able to take a breath for my sake! Still carrying my torch!

Phyllis Breland
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Hamilton College, Clinton, New York