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Discover your pattern

Free online practice groups by pattern

Discover your pattern!

Free online practice groups by pattern:


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PURCHASE AN INDIVIDUAL PDA FOR HALF PRICE FOR THE NEXT MONTH (until July 15th) by clicking the drop-down menu below and choosing Option 3. This includes an hour long 1 on 1 consultation online. Upon payment we will contact you within 24 hours with PDA access information.

What Is The Power of Difference Assessment (PDA)?

A groundbreaking online tool that:

  • measures individual’s and group’s unconscious patterns related to race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, disability, class, and culture according to the Power of Difference Model (click “Model” below for more detail).
  • Asset-based and scientifically valid and reliable assessment.
  • Identifies areas of strength and specific areas for growth.
  • Can be used as a pre and post measurement, strategic plan accountability, or as a coaching tool.


  • The PDA supports people in becoming aware of how the patterns of the PDM operate within us, between us, in our communities, and organizations.
  • It gives us a kind of “map” of our patterns and our learning edges–without blame and shame!
  • This awareness allows us to integrate the assets all three primary patterns for greater effectiveness across differences and greater clarity of purpose.

Choose your field for tailored pricing:

 Standard Pricing

1. Up to Two Key Decision Makers in an organization may take the PDA FREE.

2. Model Introduction:

An hour-long model introduction (online or in person) can be helpful for organizations in developing a common conceptual framework and language; learn the patterns of the PDM, and how they play out within individuals and in organizations.


3.  Group assessment:

A group assessment typically follows a Model Introduction and take a week or two to allow group members to take the PDA as their schedule allows. Then a single, whole-group consultation  (online for about an hour) presents the aggregate of all the individual’s scores in order to make recommendations for the group or organization.

$40 per person to be assessed and included in the group results;

Group consultation  – FREE

                      (some organizations cover the cost of individual’s consultations, subsidize the cost, or leave it to individuals to cover the cost)

4.  Individual Assessment/Consultation:

The group consultation is often followed by, and creates a demand for, individual consultations.

$200 per person for individual consultations (minus cost of group participation – so $160).

Contact us to arrange a group or multiple individual PDA’s.