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What Is The PDA?

A groundbreaking online tool that:

  • The Power of Difference Assessment (PDA) measures an individual’s unconscious patterns according to the Power of Difference Model (click “Model”–lower right of this page for more detail).
  • Identifies areas of strength and specific areas for growth.
  • Can be used as a pre and post measurement, strategic plan accountability, or as a coaching tool.


  • The PDA supports people in becoming aware of how the patterns of the PDM operate within us, between us, and in our communities, organizations, and society.
  • It helps us to become aware of our primary pattern and how this affects us personally and across our differences.
  • Growing this awareness means we are able to make choices that better serve us, those we love, and our world.

Pricing: $150 for the assessment and an hour-long phone/Zoom consultation.


Learn more, take the assessment, or arrange a group administration by emailing us at or calling 434.260.9377

As a person who is always engaged in inclusion work, whether it be in my job or in my life; sometimes we need to be reminded to take care of ourselves. This survey helped me to refocus how I give of myself. I don’t have to give myself away. I was able to take a breath for my sake! Still carrying my torch!

Phyllis Breland
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Hamilton College, Clinton, New York