6 two-week belts/levels beginning in February plus the 4-week Black belt


  • Spring Dates Coming Soon!
  • 3 Group meetings on Sunday 4-5 pm EST
  • Small group and partner meetings scheduled by you weekly
  •  Must pass a skills test to proceed to the next level
  • $100 per level–ask about scholarships!
  •  3 Graduate credits available for each 3 levels for additional $165 paid to Adams State University.
  • 30 CEUs available aftrer each 3 levels.

Like Martial Arts…

Our model (the PDM or Power of Difference Model) outlines, similar to a martial art… a sequential set of skills that can be facilitated and learned.  As in a martial art, these foundational skills need to be in place before the next level of skills can be effectively developed. In the PDM, this progression begins with supporting internal awareness: our unconscious patterns (assets and limitations), history, orientation to power and difference, our grief, personality, our sense of identity, guilt, fear, and vision.  This inner exploration, generally, constitutes the Red, Orange, and Yellow belts. and the skills lay the groundwork needed to turn our attention to the world around us. We become invested in making room for others stories and experience, valuing our common humanity, and know how to stand “on our square” POWERFULLY without silence or violence. This is, in general, the focus of the Green, Blue, and Purple belts. Lastly, we provide support as you deliberately bring your skillfulness and passion in support of your organizations, your projects, your community. This is the Black belt.

In our belt/level system participants only progress to the next level when they clearly demonstrate the skills of the previous level. It’s not like a typical “class” or “workshop” in this way. For some, advancing to the next level may take longer. We will support you at no extra cost as long as you need/want it. Actually, we make a promise not to advance a participant until they are ready. In this way, as in a martial art, when you accomplish all the levels we know how to support, it will mean something real and tangible.

Basic Belt/Level Descriptions

Each 2-week Belt/Level includes 7 meetings in total: 3 whole group meetings (successive Sundays), 2 partner meetings (scheduled by participants), 2 small groups (scheduled by participants on Saturdays) and cost $100 – scholarships are available.

The Black belt Requires double the time (30 days), online meetings, and cost ($200).  It also requires choosing three diverse mentors and a self-determined project (in consultation with a facilitator).

Download Details, Learning Objectives, and Full Schedule

Our Background, Your Path

The PDC has been shown to significantly improve personal and professional effectiveness related to our differences: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, culture, and socio-economic status. It was originally developed for educators over 20 or 30 years with many contributors. Over tme is has been found to be just as effective for business, law enforcement, healthcare, nonprofits, and government. Until we develop this inner awareness and make these deeper internal shifts, no amount of “diversity” classes or brochures on “inclusive classrooms”  will support our effectiveness in the ways we really envision for ourselves, our organizations, communitites, familites, and world.  Once these inner transormations happen, across all our different fields, nothing can stop us!  So this is about solidarity with ourselves first.  And from there, solidarity with others…for a thriving and just world where all are honored and no one stands alone.

Power of Difference Assessment (PDA)

Participants will be asked to take the Power of Difference Assessment before their Red belt/level1 and again before a Black belt can be conferred. The PDA gives you personalized information about your unconscious patterns related to race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, class, disability, and culture. You will gain an appreciation of your strengths, clarity around your learning edges, and concrete recommendations for your personal development. Taking the PDA will also give you a deeper understanding of the Power of Difference Model, which is the foundational framework of this certifcation program. The assessment takes about 20 mins followed by an hour-long virtual consultation.


2022 Schedule COMING SOON!

Red Belt, Level 1

Orange Belt, Level 2

Yellow Belt, Level 3

Green Belt, Level 4

Blue Belt, Level 5

Purple Belt, Level 6

Black Belt, Level 7

A detailed syllabus will be provided upon registration.

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